Hazelnut Harvesting Cart

Our Universal Nut Cart
Our nut cart comes with rear discharge and fits any standard harvester on the market. Since our cart fits many different machines, it is very versatile.
Our hazelnut cart is a self-contained unit other than the power supply. The cart is pulled behind the harvester and runs off the hydraulic remotes available on the harvester or any other ag equipment tractor.

Use with any standard Hazelnut Harvester
When the cart is behind our harvester, we put a hood on it because of the way our harvester picks. It uses air to dispense the nuts into the cart. Most other harvesters use a conveyor and drop the nuts in the cart. The optional hood is removable – just remove a few bolts to take it off. It you don’t need the hood, you can purchase the nut cart without a hood.

Very Functional Features

  • Rear discharge – convenient
  • Inset hydraulic auger motors – for unobstructed turning
  • Simple hydraulic design – lends itself well to a standard open-center or closed-center system
  • Extra-wide tires – helps minimize orchard damage
  • Belted Rod Chain for the final discharge conveyor – allows fine dust and debris to be removed before it enters your tote for trouble-free service

Standard Parts / Very Functional Bump Cart
Our Hazelnut Cart has standard ag spindles, wheels, and tires, plus an adjustable hitch. It is a bump cart, which means a wooden box can be brought in behind it, bump our cart, and our cart will self-unload.

Our hazelnut carts are made by the same exacting standards for which Wurdinger Manufacture is known. Our customers trust our equipment because they know we make each piece of machinery to uphold our excellent reputation.

The Wurdinger Manufacturing Hazelnut Cart is specially designed to be used with the Decloet Hazelnut harvester, but can also be used with any standard harvester.

The Most Complete Package In the Willamette Valley
We bring automation, modern equipment, and labor-saving practices to the hazelnut industry that has been around for over 100 years in the Willamette Valley.

We Modernize And Streamline
We specialize in all aspects of the hazelnut industry, including orchard equipment, harvesters, carts, and receiving stations. We help modernize and streamline the hazelnut industry with a complete line of equipment. At the receiving stations, we provide conveyors, bulk handling, processing, cleaning, and drying.

Farming Equipment Specialized To The Hazelnut Industry
Whether you need orchard levelers, spray equipment, or hazelnut harvesting equipment, we provide it all – and service it, too. We are proud to serve the entire hazelnut growing and harvesting industry from field to receiving station.

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