Hazelnut Harvesting Cart

Hazelnut Cart Features

  • Hazelnut cart with rear discharge.
  • A removable lid makes this Hazelnut cart unique because it can be used with any standard Hazelnut harvester.
  • Inset hydraulic auger motors help with unobstructed turning.
  • A simple hydraulic design lends itself well to a standard open center or closed center system. Just let us know at the time of your order.
  • Extra-wide tires help minimize damage to the Hazelnut orchard.

Belted Rod Chain

  • The Wurdinger Manufacturing Hazelnut cart has a belted rod chain for the final discharge conveyor.
  • The belted rod chain has been a staple in the Willamette Valley for many years.
  • With this chain, you will be assured of many years of trouble-free service.

This is an important improvement over other carts as it also allows fine dust and debris to be removed before it enters your tote.

The Wurdinger Manufacturing Hazelnut Cart is specially designed to be used with the Decloet Hazelnut harvester, but can also be used with any standard harvester.