The Wurdinger 4800 Portable Christmas Tree Palletizer (Palletiser)

Wurdinger Manufacturing’s Portable Christmas Tree Palletizer is helping Christmas tree farms, growers and distributors reach large retail and wholesale markets such as box stores to increase sales, by providing Christmas tree producers and shippers a portable and affordable Christmas tree palletizing solution.

Designed to be the most efficient and reliable palletizer on the market. Innovative design allows for easy loading of pallets and trees. It features power banding feeds that greatly simplify pallet banding and increase production.

Large Christmas tree retailers, Big Box stores, and regional distributors are increasingly demanding Christmas trees shipped on pallets. By packing Christmas trees on pallets, manpower for loading, shipping, and storage is greatly reduced. Christmas tree Palletizer allows different tree types and sizes to be easily shipped and stocked.

If you are in the business of producing and selling Christmas trees you know that being efficient and delivering what your customers want is the key to being successful, and that’s why we’ve designed our portable tree palletizer to be the most cost-effective and reliable unit on the market.

It goes to work quickly wherever you need it, and our revolutionary design is simple to operate, requiring only a minimum of manpower keep your costs low.

It’s available in 3-point, trailer-able and forklift version, powered by your tractor’s hydraulic system or an onboard power unit.

The Wurdinger 4800, helping growers reach larger markets and improve their bottom line.

For wholesale distribution to retailers and Box store lots! Save Labor and space with this Product.

How the Portable Christmas Tree Palletizer Works:

To get started, simply start your tractor or the onboard power unit, load the vertical bracing boards and adjust the pallet size for standard 42″ or 48″ pallets using the color-coded adjustments.

Next, drop in a pallet and start loading trees.

Open, design allows for fast loading from both sides by one or more operators, while the simple workflow keeps production moving smoothly and efficiently.

Standard trees sizes of up to 72″ or more are easily palletized providing your customers with a clean and easy way to stock, store, and sell a variety of tree sizes and types.

Our adjustable electric over hydraulic control unit delivers maximum compaction without over-compression or product damage.

Once compacted, load the top bracing boards and engage the dual push-button power banding feeds.

Large banding rolls are easily replaced from ground level and precision guide rails make fast and secure banding a snap.

Completing the banding operation is straightforward. Cinching, clamping, and cutting are completed in seconds without the need for clips or fasteners. Top quality banding tools are provided within easy reach.

Next, raise the vertical and horizontal compression rails and eject the completed pallet.

Robust hydraulic and mechanical components are standard off-the-shelf items to keep downtime and maintenance to a minimum.

Up to three pallets can be completed before removal is required. Extended ejection rails and conveyors are also available for reduced manpower operations, staging and direct-to truck loading.

Palletized trees are fast and easy to move, and what more distributors and retailers not only expect but are demanding.