Orchard Groomer

Maximize orchard health and productivity with the Orchard Groomer, designed for precision grooming of orchard floors. This robust tool features heavy-duty construction and advanced capabilities to ensure efficient maintenance of your orchard environment.


  • Efficient Design: Features three replaceable hardened cutting blades and an 8-foot cutting width for quick and effective surface grooming.
  • Precision Control: Offers independently adjustable cutting depth and gauge wheel height via hydraulic controls, allowing for precise operation directly from the tractor cab.

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    • Features

    Orchard Groomer

    The Orchard Groomer is compatible with Cat 2 and Cat 3 40-HP minimum tractors and weighs 2200 lbs. Its heavy-painted steel construction ensures durability, while the heavy-duty caster gauge wheels enhance maneuverability. The replaceable hardened steel side shield shoes extend the equipment’s lifespan.

    Built to require minimal upkeep, the Orchard Groomer includes accessible maintenance points for straightforward servicing. Wurdinger offers comprehensive parts diagrams, remote technical support, and on-site services to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

    The Orchard Groomer helps maintain a clean orchard floor by mechanically removing grass and weeds, thus reducing the need for chemical treatments and ensuring that water resources benefit the trees rather than undesired vegetation.

    • Adaptable Interface: Fits all Cat II and Cat III tractors, with hydraulic quick couplers available for various tractor remote styles and sizes.
    • Low Maintenance: Designed for ease of use with minimal maintenance requirements, featuring conveniently located grease ports.
    • Quick Adjustments: Easy on-the-go adjustment settings for various soil types and conditions.
    • Low Soil Compaction: Design ensures minimal disruption to the soil structure, preserving orchard health.
    • Robust Blade System: Blades designed for long life and easy replacement, enhancing uptime and productivity.


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