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Nursery Equipment and Hazelnut Equipment

We specialize in nursery equipment and Hazelnut Equipment designed to reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

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Inline Potting System

Hand Potting? Rental dates are available – take the effort out of the potting process.

This Inline Potting Machine helps with sizes that range from 4″ to 15 gallons.

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Portable Christmas Tree Palletizer

The Wurdinger 4800 Portable Christmas Tree Palletizer is helping Christmas Tree Farms, Growers and distributors reach large retail and wholesale markets such as Big Box stores to increase sales, by providing Christmas tree producers and shippers a portable and affordable Christmas tree palletizing solution.

Featured Product


This machine is used to roll or unroll hose or dripline

The Whirl-Winder is an easy-to-take-apart and put-back-together machine. This is a bidirectional operating machine. Its speeds vary depending on how fast or how slow you wish it to go.  Tangle-free installation or removal of any dripline or hose.

It has the capability to roll or unroll 650FT. per minute!

The spool size on this is 13.5 ID, 36 OD, 12 inches.

Holds 1500 feet + of 5/8 tubing.

Hazelnut Harvesting Equipment

Our Orchard Spray Boom saves time and reduces product and labor costs. Built to exacting standards that carry throughout the extensive line of Wurdinger Manufacturing equipment, our Orchard Spray Boom provides you with:

Hazelnut Harvesting Cart

Hazelnut Cart is specially designed to be used with the Decloet Hazelnut harvester, but can also be used with any standard harvester. This Hazelnut Cart is an important improvement over other carts as it also allows fine dust and debris to be removed before it enters your tote.

Hazelnut Dryer Construction

 With our design abilities and by working closely with our customers, we can put a complicated system together in a short period time to fit the exact needs of the customer. We do everything – concept, fabrication, and installation.

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