TT-410 Tracking Trailer

Discover the TT-410, a rugged, long-lasting trailer designed for superior performance and unparalleled durability in heavy-duty hauling.

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  • Heavy-Duty Design: Solid steel construction with a heavy-duty axle system
  • Size and Capacity: Dimensions of 50-3/8" W x 120-3/8" L;
  • Customizable: Available in different sizes and with optional spare tires and stacking decks

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    • Features

    TT-410 Tracking Trailer

    The TT-410 tracking trailer is a robust and durable solution, expertly designed to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty transportation. It features a heavy-duty axle system and a simple yet effective undercarriage design combined with heavy steel construction, ensuring longevity and reliability.

    The trailer’s solid deck, measuring 50-3/8 inches wide and 120-3/8 inches long, not only provides a quiet ride but also contains spills and debris, preserving the integrity of the frame and steering system. Its optional second deck, 50-1/2 inches from the ground, adds versatility and increases capacity.

    Weighing approximately 700 pounds, the TT-410 is engineered for longer service life, with a main pivot spindle supported by tapered bearings for exceptional durability. The simple, robust steering system maintains true alignment, enabling faster travel speeds and reducing maintenance needs.

    With customization options, including different style hitches and additional stacking decks, the TT-410 is adaptable to a variety of hauling requirements. It’s designed using advanced software for precision steering, allowing for the connection of multiple trailers and enhancing operational efficiency.

    • Robust Design: Heavy-duty axel system and steel construction
Functional Deck: Solid deck for quiet transport and spill containment
Dimensions: 50-3/8″ wide, 120-3/8″ long, 24-1/2″ deck height
    • Optional Second Deck: Increases height to 50-1/2″ from the ground
    • Weight: Approximately 700 pounds
    • Longevity: Built for extended service life
    • Simple Steering System: Fast, easy tracking adjustments
Maintenance: Minimal, with easy-to-service components
    • Customization: Various hitches, stacking decks, spare tires
Technology: Precision steering design for multiple trailer towing
    • Eco-Friendly: Durable construction reduces replacement needs
After-Sales Service: Spare parts and onsite service offered


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