Orchard Boom

Transform your farm’s spraying efficiency with the Orchard Boom – Precision, durability, and innovation in every spray.

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  • Robust Hybrid Build: Long-lasting steel and stainless- steel
  • Flexible Mounting: Fits most tractors up to 100hp, customizable
  • High-Tech Precision: GPS and automated spraying

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    • Features

    Orchard Boom

    The Orchard Boom is a game-changer in agricultural spraying, featuring a durable hybrid steel and stainless-steel construction for longevity. Equipped with a versatile stainless-steel manifold, it offers adjustable width and can be mounted on most tractors up to 100hp.

    The Orchard Boom supports various spray types, including broadcast, banding, and spot spraying, catering to different agricultural needs. Its design is highly adaptable, fitting common manufacturer systems and allowing for customization with mounting adapters and color options.

    Advanced technology integration includes optional GPS and sensor-based automation, optimizing spray efficiency and reducing chemical wastage.

    Requiring minimal maintenance, this eco-friendly boom is designed to reduce environmental impact through accurate chemical application.

    Users have praised the Orchard Boom for its performance, durability, and impact on reducing operational costs, especially in large-scale settings like hazelnut orchards.

    Wurdinger Manufacturing’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every Orchard Boom, making it an essential tool for modern, efficient farming.

    • Hybrid Build: Steel and stainless steel for durability
    • Stainless Steel Manifold: Ensures robust performance
    • Adjustable Width: Fits various orchard sizes
    • Versatile Spraying: Includes broadcast, band, and spot options
    • Durable Mechanism: Features a robust breakaway system
    • Custom Spray Patterns: Compatible with multiple spray styles
    • Easy Maintenance: Simple washing, freeze-resistant
    • Customizable: Mounting adapters and color options for bulk orders
    • Tech-Ready: Integrates with GPS and automation technologies
    • Eco-Friendly: Stainless steel construction reduces waste
    • High User Satisfaction: Praised for performance and reliability


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