Running Horse Disc 36”

Maximize your farming efficiency with the Running Horse Disc 36” – a durable, adjustable, high-performing disc harrow designed for optimal soil preparation.

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  • Flexible Sizing: 36” to 48” adjustment for diverse field requirements
  • Sturdy Build: Galvanized frame for extended durability
  • Tailored Features: Customizable with weight rack, drop seeder/spreader, and side shields

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    • Features

    Running Horse Disc 36”

    The Running Horse Disc 36” is a dynamic and robust disc harrow designed for modern farming needs. This versatile tool easily adjusts from 36” to 48”, featuring 16” smooth or notched blades, making it perfect for a variety of soil conditions.

    With a starting weight of 580 lbs., it’s built for heavy-duty use, supported by serviceable bearings on extra heavy 1-1/4″ diameter axle shafts. The extra heavy, galvanized frame ensures durability and a long service life.

    Optimized for tractors ranging from 13-35 hp, it’s capable of discing an average of 25 acres in just 8 hours on 5-foot row centers with a 17 hp tractor.

    The Running Horse Disc boasts high-speed tillage, adjustable width, and cutting angle for maximum soil cutting and turning efficiency. Innovative manufacturing techniques keep costs low while ensuring efficient material usage.

    This disc is a testament to American craftsmanship, offering minimal maintenance and a commitment to sustainable farming practices.

    • Adjustable Size: Ranges from 36” to 48” for versatile use
    • Blade Options: 16” smooth or notched blades
    • Weight Capacity: Starting at 580 lbs (263.08 kg)
    • Durable Construction: Extra heavy axle shafts with  serviceable bearings, hot dip galvanized frame
    • Efficiency: Suitable for 13-35 hp tractors, can disc 25 acres in 8 hours
    • High-Speed Tillage: Quick soil cutting and turning with minimal power
    • Customization: Optional weight rack, drop seeder/fertilizer spreader, adjustable shields, float/basket roller
Low Maintenance: Minimal upkeep required, easy-to-change blades
    • Eco-Friendly: Minimal paint use, manufactured in the USA
    • After-Sales Support: Spare parts availability, onsite service


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