PT-10 Portable Toilet

Experience the convenience and durability of the PT-10 Portable Toilet – a complete mobile restroom solution designed for ease of use and long-lasting performance.

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  • All-in-One Sanitation: 40-gal clean and 25-gal gray water tanks
  • Robust & Durable: Heavy steel build with protected wiring
  • Ease of Use: Equipped with soap/towel dispensers and simple RV-style dump

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    • Features

    PT-10 Portable Toilet

    The PT-10 Portable Toilet by Wurdinger Manufacturing is a robust and convenient solution for on-the-go sanitation needs.

    Featuring a 40-gallon clean water tank and a 25-gallon gray water tank, this portable toilet is built for durability and long service life, with heavy steel fenders and an adjustable tow hitch ensuring easy transport.

    An enclosed oval taillight, and while the enclosed wiring harness protects against damage and rodents.
    Designed for efficiency, the PT-10 includes standard soap and towel dispensers and an RV-style dump system, allowing users to service the unit themselves.

    Additional features include a 13-gallon trash can, swing-out trailer jack, and common seven-way RV-style plug, making it a complete restroom and wash station in one compact trailer.

    With optional customization like storage cabinets, signboards, custom paint colors, and a water cooler mount, the PT-10 is adaptable to various user requirements.

    • Enclosed Oval Taillight: For enhanced safety
    • Heavy Steel Fenders: Ensures robustness
Adjustable Tow Hitch: For easy transport
Water Tanks: 40-gallon clean, 25-gallon gray
13-Gallon Trash Can: Included
Longevity: Built for extended service life
    • Protected Wiring: Enclosed harness protects against damage
    • Restroom/Wash Station: All-in-one design
    • RV Style Plug: Simplifies connectivity
    • Customizable: Optional cabinets, colors, and mounts
    • Optimized Design: Computer-aided for strength and efficiency
    • Minimal Maintenance: Simple care requirements
    • Eco-Friendly: Made in the USA, sustainably produced
    • Warranty and Support: Comprehensive after-sales service
    • Positive Reviews: Highly valued by local farms


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