Continuous Soil Mixing System

Designed to revolutionize your nursery’s production process, the Continuous Soil Mixing System is an innovation that delivers unmatched efficiency and cost savings compared to traditional batch mixing methods.


  • Instant Changeover: Automatically and accurately adjusts rates of ingredients on demand, eliminating waste and allowing for immediate soil recipe changes
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Utilizes a fraction of the horsepower and amperage of traditional options
  • Versatility and Scalability: Supplies soil to  multiple potting stations simultaneously and can be adapted to your specific needs

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    • Features

    Continuous Soil Mixing System

    The Continuous Soil Mixing System is designed with efficiency in mind. It can produce an uninterrupted stream of soil mixing, ranging from 10 to 60 yards per hour. Additionally, it boasts a range of features that can cater to your specific needs. These features include remote stop/start capabilities, auto-fill functions, and automated conveyor systems that can support multiple potting stations simultaneously. Because the system can significantly outpace traditional batch mixers, you can meet production demands while minimizing operational costs and soil blend inaccuracy.

    The CMS accurately and repeatedly blends potting mixtures while virtually eliminating wasted soil. Each ingredient is added on demand based on your chosen recipe, thus ensuring that you only use the necessary materials. You can also make instant recipe changes, keeping you adaptable to evolving needs.

    The Wurdinger system is built with energy efficiency in mind. It consumes only a fraction of the horsepower and amperage of traditional mixers. Additionally, it operates on single-phase or three-phase power, offering flexibility for your electrical supply. The system will also require minimal downtime and maintenance as it was constructed with commonly available parts. It additionally utilizes stainless steel, where corrosive ingredients contact structural components.

    Operating the CMS is simple, and the touchscreen interface is extremely intuitive and quickly mastered. Individual ingredient level sensors monitor, track, and alarm if a required soil element is lacking, thus removing the need for constant monitoring and reducing the risk of improperly blended soil. The system measures each ingredient accurately so you can have a consistent and high-quality soil mix, leading to further cost savings and optimal crop growth consistency.

    For ultimate control, you can opt for the fully automated multi-recipe auto-fill model. With this version, you can benefit from digital recipe storage and retrieval, which simplifies recipe changes and ensures consistent product quality with every mix. We can even design a custom system to integrate perfectly into your existing facility. Our 3D rendering services will help you visualize the system layout and plan for future expansion.

    • Hybrid Build: Steel and stainless steel for durability
    • Stainless Steel Manifold: Ensures robust performance
    • Adjustable Width: Fits various orchard sizes
    • Versatile Spraying: Includes broadcast, band, and spot options
    • Durable Mechanism: Features a robust breakaway system
    • Custom Spray Patterns: Compatible with multiple spray styles
    • Easy Maintenance: Simple washing, freeze-resistant
    • Customizable: Mounting adapters and color options for bulk orders
    • Tech-Ready: Integrates with GPS and automation technologies
    • Eco-Friendly: Stainless steel construction reduces waste
    • High User Satisfaction: Praised for performance and reliability
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