The UNC-250 Universal Nut Cart is a Wurdinger standalone solution to hazelnut harvesting. It is a versatile machine that operates independently and can be used with other manufacturer’s harvesting equipment.


  • Universal Compatibility: Fits seamlessly with any standard harvester
  • Convenient Loading: Harvester doesn’t need to stop while unloading
  • Orchard-Safe: Extra-wide flotation tires minimize damage to your orchard floor during harvest

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    • Features

    UNC-250 NUT CART

    The UNC-250 Universal Nut Cart is designed specifically for hazelnut growers. While it’s manufactured specifically to pair with the Decloet Hazelnut Harvester, it can fit seamlessly with most standard harvesters on the market, making it a highly adaptable choice for your operation.

    The cart comes with an optional air hood for carts that use fans for filling. The bolt on the hood is easily removable when air loading is not required. Built with convenience and efficiency in mind, the cart’s hydraulic design effortlessly integrates with standard open-center or closed-center systems so that you can set it up easily. Its rear discharge allows for simple nut unloading on the move, so the harvester does not need to stop working.

    Additionally, the belted rod chain on the final discharge conveyor effectively removes fine dust and debris before the nuts reach your tote. The extra-wide flotation tires reduce the damage to your orchard floor as you harvest.

    The UNC-250 Universal Nut Cart uses readily available parts for easy maintenance, making it durable, dependable, and essential equipment for your operations.

    • Convenient Rear Discharge: Allows the harvester to continue unloading on the move
    • Unobstructed Maneuvering: Low profile/inset motors are protected and improve turning radius
    • Self-Cleaning Discharge Conveyor: Removes fine dust and debris before nuts reach tote
    • Bump Cart Functionality: Allows automatic unloading without leaving the seat
    • Orchard Safe: Extra-wide flotation tires minimize damage to the orchard floor
    • Standard Parts: Utilizes common parts for easy maintenance
    • After-Sales Support: Spare parts availability, remote technical support and on-site service available


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