Hazelnut Orchard Groomer

Hazelnut Orchard Groomer – ‘The OG’

Our Orchard Groomer (we call it “The OG”) is a 3-point, mounted, hydraulically adjustable orchard groomer. We specifically designed our Orchard Groomer for hazelnut orchards in the Willamette Valley. Use it to scarify, scrape, and level your orchard floor for increased harvest yield.

Standard Parts

Our Orchard Groomer is made from sturdy materials for long life, with all SAE components. It has JIC standard hydraulic fittings and SAE standard bolts and hardware. Its hydraulic components are all available through other major suppliers or us.

Smooth Leveling

This Orchard Groomer easily moves between the rows in Willamette Valley hazelnut orchards. Pulled behind any orchard tractor, our Orchard Groomer runs off the hydraulic remotes available on the tractor. The hydraulic controls allow smooth leveling of your orchard.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

We have modernized the hazelnut industry in the Willamette Valley hazelnut orchards. Our Orchard Groomer and other products like our Spray Boom, Offset Orchard leveler, Whirl-Winder, DeCloet hazelnut harvester, and universal nut cart save time and reduce costs.

Exacting Standards

Our Orchard Groomer is made by the same exacting standards for which Wurdinger Manufacturing is known. Our customers trust our equipment because they know we make each piece of machinery to uphold our excellent reputation. That is why they keep coming back again and again.