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From potting trailers, B&B trailers, Christmas tree trailers, transport trailers, canyard trailers, and tracking trailers, all our trailers are built with Wurdinger quality and reliability. We do not cut corners, so you get the long-lasting equipment you need in your nursery, Christmas tree farm, or hazelnut orchard.

Tracking Trailers
The back wheels follow the front wheels for tight turns! Our Tracking Trailers are built for reliability and manufactured for long life. We use better-quality parts, including tires, spindles, and hubs. In addition, we use high-quality polyurethane automotive paint, not budget paint.

Simple and Convenient, Portable and Rugged
Our Tracking Trailers are simple and convenient, built with you in mind. Use them to transport products, plants, and equipment. These portable and rugged trailers are your dependable solution to field mobility.

Built With Experience, Infused With Quality
Wurdinger Tracking Trailers, like all the equipment we build, are known for their durability and craftsmanship. All our products are welded and fabricated in America at our manufacturing plant near Silverton, Oregon. Built with experience, they are infused with quality. Order yours today!

The High Quality You Expect From Wurdinger
Like all our equipment, our trailers are made with the same innovation and high quality that sets us apart in service to the nursery and hazelnut industries. Come see why so many customers trust us as their equipment source.

Potting Trailer, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Potting Trailer – Simple and convenient, the potting trailer is portable and rugged. Sides fold down for an open working area.

100_0315, Wurdinger Manufacturing

B&B Trailer – This heavy duty Canyard Trailer is ideal for wet and muddy conditions. Comes in a variety of sizes.

100_0477, Wurdinger Manufacturing-Edit

Christmas Tree Trailer – Lightweight 8’X14’ trailer boasts extreme duty running gear. Specifically designed for use in Christmas tree fields.

100_0937, Wurdinger Manufacturing-Edit

Transport Trailer – These 6’ X 20’ trailers offer a large carrying capacity and are specifically designed for easy backing.

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