Nursery Equipment – Trailers

Potting Trailer, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Potting Trailer – Simple and convenient, the potting trailer is portable and rugged. Sides fold down for an open working area.

100_0315, Wurdinger Manufacturing

B&B Trailer – This heavy duty Canyard Trailer is ideal for wet and muddy conditions. Comes in a variety of sizes.

100_0477, Wurdinger Manufacturing-Edit

Christmas Tree Trailer – Lightweight 8’X14’ trailer boasts extreme duty running gear. Specifically designed for use in Christmas tree fields.

100_0937, Wurdinger Manufacturing-Edit

Transport Trailer – These 6’ X 20’ trailers offer a large carring capacity and are specifically designed for easy backing.

Tracking Trailers | Nursery Wagons | Canyard Trailer

Our Tracking Trailers are Built for reliability, Manufactured for long-life, have better quality tires, spindles, and hubs, and we use high quality polyurethane paint.