Wurdinger Manufacturing Testimonials

Happy Crew, Happy Customers (and we’re even cutting costs!)

One of our larger customers requested that they wanted us to palletize the trees that we were to send them in 2010. For years we had talked about palletizing trees and it had always been a negative subject as to how to do it and the problems it would bring. But when one of your largest customers request palletizing then you need to seriously look at doing it for them.

The first thing we needed to do was decide which palletizer to purchase and why. In looking at what other tree companies were doing and what was available on the market we choose to use the Wurdinger Palletizer. I felt that the Wurdinger palletizer was the best choice due to the following reasons;

  1. It seemed to be the fastest palletizer that we had looked at.
  2. It was the most compact machine on the market.
  3. We had options on how to run the machine with either electric, gas or tractor power.
  4. The machine had power strapping to save time.
  5. We had a local manufacturer for possible service problems.
  6. The Manufacturer was on site to look at our needs.
  7. Everything is done from the ground level.
  8. We could do it under a roof for the crews comfort.

As we went ahead and purchased two machines we found out how much easier it was to produce the trees for shipping to customers. The labor cost was a little more expensive due to bringing everything into a loading yard. But the loading of trucks was much smoother due to a 45 minute load time verses the 2 hour load time in the past. The truck driver was much happier as he did not have to touch the load which helped in a reduced cost of trucking. Customer was happy as they did not have to provide a unloading crew when the truck showed up. We did not have many problems on tree counts as the pallets had the same count on each pallet. All in all the palletizer brought much more flexibility to the shipping process for us.

Our experience of working with Wurdinger was great. The machines were delivered on time and if any problems developed they were there right away to fix the problem. Wurdinger gave us advice on finding materials to use on the palletizers.

In looking back using the two machines for palletizing we were producing a pallet of trees about every two minutes. The Crew was much happier loading trucks, the truck driver was much happier, and the customer was happy receiving trees. We look to expand this coming year with palletizing and look forward to working with Sid Wurdinger and his crew to achieve this.

Gary Snyder
The Kirk Company

Great Palletizer!

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the work you put into the development of the Christmas tree palletizer you developed for the Christmas tree industry. As you recall, last year our company was asked to provide palletized trees to one of our biggest chain store which accounts for a significant portion of our sales.

We looked at both types of commercial palletizers available currently, and felt your model would be the most useable in our yard situation. We appreciate the time you took to have your prototype model made available for demonstrations. The improvements you made were well thought out and your willingness to make adjustments to the design before and during the season as we saw where improvements could be made to be more efficient in our operation is very much appreciated.

It is amazing the compression capacity your palletizer design provides. We actually found it had more compression than some of the 2 x 4s could handle. The ability of your palletizer to run the strapping was a great time saver also.

The integrity of the finished pallets was great. We had to stack most of our pallets on a side hill and had no problems with shifting of the upright or cross 2 x 4s. All in all, our very successful first season palletizing our Christmas trees can in large part be credited to the state of the art palletizer design you have created.

Thank you for listening to people in the industry and developing a well thought out answer to meet our needs.

Have a great day,

Bob Schaefer
General Manager
Noble Mountain Tree Farm