Opti-Lift Nursery Forklift with Flotation Tires

Our Opti-Lift nursery forklift with flotation tires is a premiere piece of equipment in our Opti-Line.

We specifically designed it to reduce ground pressure with a capacity of 4,000 pounds while ensuring high visibility.

With a ground pressure of 16 PSI, this forklift is highly maneuverable in the softest soil.

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Perfect for our attachments:

The Opti-Lift is perfect for our attachments:

  • Pot Mover
  • Transportation Forks

Affordable, versatile, and reliable:

Built with rugged construction for a long life, this premiere forklift:

  • Optimizes material handling
  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Reduces cost of handling per unit
  • Increases throughput
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor

Designed with the operator in mind:

Featuring a simple, logical layout for excellent fingertip control for all fork movements, the Opti-Lift also:

  • Fits every driver for comfortable, all-day use because of our ergonomic design
  • Boosts forklift operator productivity
  • Increases up-time