Whirl-Winder – Nursery Equipment

Whirl-Winder: used to roll or unroll hose or dripline

Handle Drip Line More Easily
Our Whirl-Winder picks up drip irrigation hose or drip line but can also be used to lay the hose out. It fits on the back of any smaller three-point tractor. Imagine tangle-free installation or removal of any dripline or hose!

Unique Bidirectional Feature
Its bi-directional feature is unique in that you can dispense the hose and also pick up the hose. After you use the Whirl-Winder to pick up the hose, you can band the hose, set it aside for the rest of the season, and dispense it again in preparation for the next season.

Roll Or Unroll 650 Feet Per Minute
With a spool size of 13.5 ID, 36 OD, 12 inches, it has the capability to roll or unroll 650 feet per minute and can hold over 1500 feet of 5/8 tubing. The Whirl-Winder is an easy-to-take-apart and easy-to-put-back-together machine. Its speeds vary depending on how fast or slow you wish it to go.

The High Quality You Expect From Wurdinger
Like all our equipment, our Whirl-Winder is made with the same innovation and high quality that sets us apart in service to the nursery and hazelnut industries. Come see why so many customers trust us as their equipment source.