Hazelnut Orchard Spray Boom

Saves Time – Reduces Product and Labor Costs
Our Orchard Spray Boom saves time and reduces product and labor costs. Built to exacting standards that carry throughout the extensive line of Wurdinger Manufacturing equipment, our Orchard Spray Boom provides you with:

  • Adjustable features
  • 7-port manifold
  • Stainless and mild steel
  • Breakaway booms
  • Optional photo eye trigger

Engineered for Willamette Valley
From even coverage in the spray pattern to booms engineered to fit Willamette Valley’s tree spacing, our Orchard Spray Boom even has stainless breakaway booms in case you bump a trunk while checking your cell phone or grabbing your water bottle.

Sucker Spraying That Conserves Product
The optional photo eye trigger saves the spray product since it only activates spray for suckers when it senses a tree trunk. All aspects of the sensing – spray start, spray stop, spray rate, and spray pattern – can be adjusted. Replaceable nozzles can be changed out if you need to change your spray rate or pattern on any of the nozzles.

Standard, Off-The-Shelf Components
We build all our equipment using standard, off-the-shelf components. This reduces long waits for specialty parts. The components we use are all available through other major suppliers or us.

Exceptional Customer Support
We provide exceptional customer support to keep the equipment running. No kidding – this is what our customers tell us. We build equipment for reliability. Our company stays strong because we sell quality products, and our customers keep coming to us as their go-to equipment supplier.