Hazelnut Offset Orchard Leveler

Offset the Orchard Leveler to Keep the Tractor in the Center of the Row

Our Orchard Leveler is an offset three-point leveler, which some would call a scraper or groomer. It overcomes the problem of standard machines, which only trail directly behind the tractor, forcing the tractor to move closer to the trees where branches get in the way of the cab. Our Offset Orchard Leveler keeps your tractor in the center of the row.

Our Innovation Brings You Ease-Of-Use

With our Offset Orchard Leveler you can run the Leveler centered or easily offset it to one side so you can reach the outside edges of the row while the tractor stays in the center of the row where you have clearance. Reach out and grade your orchard as needed, without interfering with the trees.
The Wurdinger Offset Orchard Leveler is an innovative piece of equipment in the line of equipment that is streamlining the hazelnut industry in Willamette Valley. At Wurdinger Manufacturing, We have a complete package of hazelnut equipment, bringing you automation, modern equipment, and labor-saving practices from the field to receiving station.

High Quality and Excellent Service

Like all our equipment, our Offset Orchard Leveler is made with our same high quality that sets us apart in service to the hazelnut and nursery industries. Whether you need orchard levelers, spray equipment, or hazelnut harvesting equipment, we provide it all – and service it, too.

Our kind of equipment support in the Willamette Valley is something many equipment manufacturers do not provide. Our customers know this and trust our service. Trust us as your equipment source.