Express Plus Potting System

Designed specifically for high-production potting of up to 35-gallon containers. An ideal choice for nurseries that up-shift containers, pot up field-dug liners, or have a volume of bare root trees or shrubs to process.

This system combines stainless and mild steel construction for a robust and lengthy service life. Extraordinarily easy to change container sizes. It also features an optional Fault Line designed to take most of the work from settling the soil as the product is potted. With the right organization, nurseries can pot at about 600 #15 pots per hour. It can be configured for either single or three-phase power. We would happily provide a complimentary layout plan that places this system in your nursery.


The Express Plus Potting System with optional post fill hopper and A.R.M.

The Articulated Re-positioning Mechanism or A.R.M. uses a powerful electric over hydraulic system to easily lift and move trees in excess of 250#. The A.R.M. allows 1 worker to quickly de-pot and transfer heavy trees from a canyard trailer to the Express Plus Potting System infeed conveyor. This system helps workers quickly and effortlessly re-pot heavy cumbersome trees into larger containers. Soil settling and reclamation considerations keep usable soil in the system.