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Wurdinger Continuous Soil Mixing – A Modular System

If you are in the business of mixing soils, you know the need to lower costs, increase output and have quick product change-over. The Wurdinger Continuous Soil Mixing System simply creates more soil for less cost than batch mixing options. It produces 10 to 150 yards an hour and has minimal waste, instant change-over, and no expensive parts to replace.

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As the only supplier of a complete product line for nursery production west of the Mississippi, our automated equipment produces an accurate product in less time, at less cost. We offer a Smart System that integrates computer technology to speed soil changes and manage soil delivery functions.

Each soil component is added ‘on-demand’. All ingredients are added separately, as compared to large batch mixers that slow things down and cause waste at the end of a run.

  • Hit “Start” and you instantly have product.
  • Hit “Stop” and there is no excess product or waste.

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Designed to save you money, our energy-efficient system uses half the horsepower and half the amperage and runs on single-phase or three-phase. There are no expensive components in the system. Every part is a readily-available, easy to obtain, and economical to replace. And – our amendment hoppers are all stainless steel. We service our equipment with reliable and friendly customer service and fast parts delivery. We build with ‘reliability’ in mind so you have less downtime.

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Compared to a batch mixer, our system allows you to re-purpose employees and allocate them to other tasks since there is no need for a trained person to measure and weigh ingredients.

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With the “smart”, or computerized option, each recipe is digitally stored in the system and is ready to use at the push of a button. New recipes are easily entered into digital recipe templates.

  • Exacting measurements mean less chance for error, more consistent product and accurate quantity, saving you money and increasing crop uniformity.
  • Remote starts and stops are available, as well as auto-fill features.

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Our pivoting conveyor allows you to run multiple potting stations from one mixing line simultaneously. You can change the recipe “on the fly” and direct new product to another mixing line.

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We design customized systems to fit your needs. We measure existing buildings and provide 3D rendering drawings with the equipment in the building – or help customers design a facility with our equipment placed for best workflow or plan ahead for future building expansion.

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Give us a call to discover how we can design a Wurdinger continuous mixing system to meet your needs.

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