Nursery Inline Potting System 

This may be the best all-around utility potting machine around. Why? 

  • It is versatile. 
  • It can be used for shift-ups and bare root.
  • Growers process sizes that range from 4″ up to 15’s. 
  • The machine is simple to adjust for the different container sizes as well. 
  • We will drop it off with an appointment and help you to get set up.  

Interested in how to set up for the best resultsClick Here.

This machine features:

  • 3.5 cubic yard stainless steel hopper (10′ wide soil reservoir)
  • 15′ pot advanced conveyor
  • Integrated heavy-duly soil return mechanism
  • 24″ dust guard (standard)
  • Variable speed pot advance conveyor
  • Fixed potting shelf
  • Variable frequency drive for the soil return, top leveling auger, pot advance conveyor, and the off-feed conveyor
  • Power provisions for an accumulation table and a standard WMFG liner supply conveyor
  • Forklift-accessible sleeves for easy transport are standard

It easily adjusts to accommodate most pots up to #15. Changeovers for different pot sizes are easy with adjustments to the pot advance conveyor (up and down and in and out). The adjustable soil retaining sides along the pot advance conveyor and the pot guides across the soil transition. The IN & OUT potting conveyor adjustment removes in/out adjustment of the potting shelf.

About this system:

  • Integrated controls include a control panel with a disconnect.
  • A licensed electrician is needed to supply power to the watertight electronic enclosure.
  • You specify your potting direction when ordering.

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We invest a great deal in our ability to improve the efficiency of commercial nursery and greenhouse operations.  

We have a rental Inline Potting system available.  We are happy to put a placeholder on the calendar so that you can reserve this system for the times that best suit your potting needs.

We would be happy to email you details with respect to system function, rental rates and to answer any questions you may have. 

The main component of this system is the Wurdinger Inline Potting Machine.