Custom Designed Nursery Equipment Utah and Nursery Machinery Utah

Nursery Equipment Utah and Nursery Machinery UtahWe specialize in manufacturing custom built Nursery Equipment Utah and Nursery Machinery Utah designed to reduce labor cost and improve efficiency.

  • Nursery Equipment Utah and Nursery Machinery Utah
  • Custom machinery
  • Repair of all brands of machines
  • Modifications to existing equipment


Call us from Utah to inquire about how we can help your business needs. Even if you need equipment that does not exist, we can custom design and manufacture it for you.

Wurdinger Manufacturing is a complete fabrication shop. We build standard and custom machinery, repair all brands of machines, and make modifications to existing equipment. We would be glad to talk to you about how our services can solve your equipment needs in Utah.

We offer professional installation of our Nursery Equipment Utah and Nursery Machinery Utah. With precision equipment and an eye for detail, we are able to offer exceptional equipment to customers in Utah.

Nursery Equipment Utah and Nursery Machinery Utah

Over the years, we have provided machinery and equipment to nurseries, offering steadfast quality and innovative designs.

We manufacture many products for Nursery Equipment Utah and Nursery Machinery Utah:

• Conveyors
• Cultivators
• Dinger 25 Express
• Hand Carts
• Hoppers
• Mixing Systems
• Mobile Flat Filler
• Orchard Groomer
• Potting machines
• Rack Transporter
• Specialty Products
• Tote Dumper
• Trailers
• Transplanter
• Tray Cleaners
• Trommels


The Wurdinger Portable Christmas Tree Palletizer

Wurdinger Manufacturing’s Portable Christmas Tree Palletizer (sometimes called Palletiser) helps Christmas tree farms, growers and distributors reach large retail and wholesale markets such as box stores. Sales increase and profits rise by providing Christmas tree producers and shippers a portable and affordable Christmas tree palletizing solution.

Our Palletizer is designed to be the most efficient and reliable palletizer on the market. Innovative design makes for easy loading of pallets and trees. Power banding feeds greatly simplify pallet banding and increase production.

Large Christmas tree retailers, Big Box stores and regional distributors increasingly demand Christmas trees shipped on pallets. Christmas tree Palletizer allows different tree types and sizes to be easily shipped and stocked.

It’s available in 3-point, trailer-able and forklift version, powered by your tractor’s hydraulic system or an on-board power unit.


Metal Fabrication and Machine Shop

Can’t find a machine that fits your situation in Utah?

Wurdinger Manufacturing is a complete fabrication shop. We use a combination of over 20 years of experience, computer technology and old fashioned human ingenuity to design a system that works for you. We specialize in nursery equipment and food processing systems, but the fabrication possibilities are endless. We have lots of experience with all kinds of equipment.

We customize and custom manufacture Nursery Equipment Utah | Nursery Machinery Utah that simplifies your workflow and saves you money, while being durable and safe in operation. We can customize all Nursery Equipment Utah | Nursery Machinery Utah to fit any location and process, built exactly for your application. If you already have specs for equipment you need, we can build it for you.

Have Questions? Just Give Us a Call at 503-930-3496

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Call to talk with us about customizing a solution for your needs. Whether it is agricultural, food processing, Nursery Equipment Utah Nursery Machinery Utah or other special needs, we custom design to save you time and money in Utah.