Nursery Equipment – Specialty Products

trimming machine, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Trimming Machine – Designed to fit down narrow roadways, this trimming machine is lightweight and efficient. It covers a large area in a short time and is light enough to

100_101_1373, Wurdinger Manufacturing-Edit

Bed Shaper – Take the work out of creating raised beds. This 3-point mounted bed shaper is especially popular among blueberry growers.

100_0956, Wurdinger Manufacturing-Edit

Stainless Steel Watering Tunnel – Watering Tunnel brings efficiency and precision to the watering process. Uses electric eye technology to conserve water and only waters when pots are in position.

100_1749, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Accumulation Table – Open design for easy cleanup. Adjustable guide pushes pots or containers toward the center of the table. It has variable speed control and adjustable.

100_1750, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Accumulation Table – 110VAC power requirements mean this practical and well-designed unit could be used with almost any manual or automated operation. We custom design equipment to meet any kind of need.

Power Dump 1, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Powered Dump – This Powered Dump is popular for moving potted soil, gravel or debris of numerous kinds. It has a gas engine and a hydraulic dump which make it easy to use. Our innovative designs make your job easier.

Spacing Forks, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Spacing Forks – Automatically place pots in a predetermined spacing. This unit handles 160 one-gallon pots.

1_002 Wurdinger Manufacturing, Grader Trailer

Grader Trailer – Maintained gravel roads with this self-contained, hydraulic greater trailer.

Power Dump, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Powered Dump – Popular for moving potted soil, debris or gravel. Gas engine and hydraulic dump make it easy to use.