Nursery Equipment – Specialty Products

Trimming Machine

Designed to fit down narrow roadways, this trimming machine is lightweight and efficient. It is light and covers a large area in a short time.

Bed Shaper

Take the work out of creating raised beds. This 3-point mounted bed shaper is especially popular among blueberry growers.

Stainless Steel Watering Tunnel

Watering Tunnel brings efficiency and precision to the watering process. Uses electric eye technology to conserve water and only waters when pots are in position.

Accumulation Table

Open design for easy cleanup. Adjustable guide pushes pots or containers toward the center of the table. It has variable speed control and adjustable.

Accumulation Table

110VAC power requirements mean this practical and well-designed unit could be used with almost any manual or automated operation. We custom design equipment to meet any kind of need.

Powered Dump

This Powered Dump is popular for moving potted soil, gravel or debris of numerous kinds. It has a gas engine and a hydraulic dump which make it easy to use. Our innovative designs make your job easier.

Spacing Forks

Automatically place pots in a predetermined spacing. This unit handles 160 one-gallon pots.

Grader Trailer

Maintained gravel roads with this self-contained, hydraulic greater trailer.

Powered Dump

Popular for moving potted soil, debris or gravel. Gas engine and hydraulic dump make it easy to use.

Automatic Post Potting Watering Tunnel

Robust and virtually Maintenance free. This machine can quickly and accurately deliver water to potted plants or flats. It is constructed with stainless steel and has a hardy modular belting that leads the flats or pots through. The sensor will automatically trigger the water if there is a pot or flat present. The nozzles above are easily adjustable and have breaker heads for even water flow. This water tunnel has a basin with a two-inch drain port attached. This machine can stand alone or be a part of a system.