We manufacture HEMP DRYERS!

Six common-wall Hemp dryers controlled independently. These hemp dryers have a common head house.

Hemp Dyrer Main Technical Features

  • Stainless steel Heat exchanger, 98% efficiency
  • No product contact with exhaust gas
  • Heavy-duty galvanized frame
  • LPG, Natural gas or diesel burner
  • High density insulated panels help avoid loss of heat
  • Single-phase or 3 phase motor (high efficiency)
  • Food grade material helps avoid contamination of the product
  • Full galvanized box for product storage
  • Automatic curing control system (complete custom parameters)
  • Different sizes available
  • Tested and proved in the U.S.A. with N.C University and Virginia tech
  • 17500 cfm 6 blade fan for high-volume low-pressure airflow, perfect for dehydration
  • Remote control with internet or cellular connection, and Data recording
  • Heat generator unit with burner and automatic controller
  • High temperature and airflow safety switch
  • Propane consumption is up to 20.7lbs per hour 1240KWH of electricity
  • Can be transported after assembly

Hemp Dryer Options

  • Automatic damper control with humidity and temperature sensor
  • Programable temperature and humidity control
  • Weg or Baldor motor
  • 10hp, 12.5hp or 15hp
  • Single or 3 phase

Standard Dimensions

  • 47ft long
  • 9ft 8” tall
  • 11ft 1” wide

Click on Images to View More Detail

Single dryer units with Individually contained heat generators. These hemp dryers can be computer controlled or manually controlled.

Common wall head house within the hemp dryer.

Hemp dryer common wall installation.

Hemp dryer standard unit installation with covered work area.

Hanging racks within a hemp dryer.

Stackable rack entering hemp dryer.

This is a loaded stackable rack for the hemp dryer.

Stackable rolling racks.

Control panel for the hemp dryer.