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Nursery Equipment – Potting Machines

Potting Trailer, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Potting Trailer – Simple and convenient, the potting trailer is portable and rugged. Sides fold down for an open working area.

100_0361_00, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Portable Box Filler with Rear Conveyor –Can be constructed of 100% stainless steel, this portable box filler is built for use in the field. Fills a box in a minute and a half.

Double Potting Machines, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Pair of Potting Machines – These potting machines are fabricated almost entirely of stainless steel. They handle pots as small as 1 gallon, and up to 15 gallons. They also handle flats.

Inline Potting Machine

Inline Potting Machine – Almost entirely fabricated of stainless steel, this potting machine handles pots as small as 1 gallon, and up to 15 gallons. It also handles flats.

Mega Return Potter, Wurdinger Manufacturing

Mega Return Potter – Cut down on excess equipment by using the self-filling Mega Return Potter. It is shown here with a typical off feed conveyor.